About us

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” 

                                                                        Maya Angelou


We here at Epic Epoxy FX couldn’t agree more.  Our company was established with a mission to bring high quality resin products to the masses.  We understood right away that there are several resins for many applications already on the market however there seemed to be a need to help people understand the endless array of uses and solutions to issues that a high quality diverse line of epoxy resins could provide.

Our mission is to give people memorable experiences using resin to create and preserve beautiful works of art, orchestrate lasting impressions with beautifully finished renovations and to offer diverse opportunities for business’s and industry. We proudly serve retail and wholesale clients in many industries.

The ideas and applications are endless, please feel free to call on us or one of our preferred customers for information or products that might help you accomplish your goals.

Our preferred customers list is comprised of our most trusted partners, reputable companies who understand quality and service while delivering our resins as well as entrepreneurs who use our top quality epoxy to manufacture premium products.